name dylan
birthday 28/08
pronouns he/they/she
personality infp
hi. my name's dylan and i'm your resident kim jonghyun lover, enthusiast, whatever you wanna call it. a shawol since 140408. i love shinee a lot and jonghyun even more. before i am human, i am a blinger first and foremost.

before following

- please note that i am very multifandomed. if that's not your type and you'd prefer to not see a clustered timeline, it's probably not a good idea to follow me

- aside from that, i'm quite rt/tweet heavy so i'm more than likely to be active all the time

- lastly, my tweets can be quite nsfw so once again, if that's not your type of thing, it's probably not a good idea to follow me

do not follow if

- you are a 4hinee stan. just. no.

- you hate shinee/jonghyun or use his name in petty fanwars. honestly you're being stupid if you follow me

- you think blingers/shawols are annoying for still grieving over jonghyun. you, my good sir, should fuck off

- you police how blingers/shawols should feel

- all you tweet about is sad things about jonghyun. that is not how he should be remembered by

- you fit the usual dfi criteria. (racist, homo/transphobe, etc. if you're a bigot, basically)

- you think edgy humor is "funny"

171218 ; forever with you kjh

" Don't worry about what you have to do, I'm fine, spring will come to me